Shreya Mahajan


Defend ACA or Fight for Universal Health Care?

October 13, 2017 | We need free universal healthcare. A Single-Payer program is far from ideal, but it would represent a big gain and leave workers in the U.S. in a much better position to fight for (...)

Juan Cruz Ferre
Shreya Mahajan


Trump Cancels DACA, Launches Draconian Attack on Young Immigrants

September 05, 2017 | Trump is expected to end the DACA program today, putting hundreds of thousands of young people in jeopardy of deportation. The action would reverse a hard-fought gain, however limited, of the (...)

Robert Belano
Shreya Mahajan


Death to Public Programs: Pro-Privatization Hawk to Head Medicaid

January 14, 2017 | With Seema Verma appointed Trump’s head of Medicare and Medicaid, we can expect the acceleration of privatization and dismantling of current government health insurance programs. In the coming (...)

Tre Kwon
Shreya Mahajan