Harvey’s Victims: Prisoners Drink Toilet Water in a Fight to Survive Under Lockdown

September 04, 2017 | Inmates in Texas experience flooding and lack of food and water. They are drinking toilet water while under lockdown and two prisoners were reported dead. Left Voice interviews Rachel, whose (...)

Breaking the Bars After Attica

September 07, 2016 | This Friday, the 45th anniversary of the Attica Rebellion, prisoners in up to 50 prisons across the country are organizing work stoppages and protests. Left Voice interviews Maya Schenwar, author (...)

Maya Schenwar


National Prisoners Strike on Anniversary of Attica Rebellion

August 27, 2016 | National Prisoners Strike on Anniversary of Attica Rebellion Left Voice in support of the National Prisoner’s September 9th Strike on the anniversary of the Attica (...)


Left Voice on the Fight Against Police Brutality

December 27, 2015 | This is a collection of articles by Left Voice writers and guest contributors on police brutality, Black Lives Matter, and the U.S. prison system.


Notes From ’The Cut’: An American Prison

October 21, 2015 | Lieutenant Scott greeted us at the door with a smile as Sergeant Davis followed closely behind. We were a group of eight nursing students with our instructor, making a sort of “educational visit” (...)

Chloe Lawyer

United States

Pigs Can’t Fly! LAPD Denied Funding Amid Community Protest

October 07, 2015 | The LAPD was recently denied funding at a neighborhood council meeting in South Los Angeles amid applause from youth, community members, and activists.

Julia Wallace


Rhetoric vs Reality in Obama’s Prison Reform

August 25, 2015 | Since July, Obama has made a series of declarations about the need to reform the U.S. prison system. But given his record on incarceration over the past six-and-a-half years, what change can we (...)

Robert Belano