Socialist Nurse on Strike: An Interview

Last week, almost 2,000 nurses went on a two day strike in Burlington, Vermont. Left Voice interviews nurse and International Socialist Organization member Tristin Adie about the (...)

Tristin Adie


The Challenges of the Russian Revolution

Andrea D’Atri


All Strikes of Public Sector Workers are Now Political Strikes

Nelson Lichtenstein


Should Socialists Get Behind the Scottish Independence Movement?

Natasha Drake

Macron: The President Who Deports Immigrants but Celebrates Their Goals

Analía Micheloud

Mexico’s Center-Left Wins in a Landslide, but Revolutionary Socialists Also Had a Successful Militant Campaign

Sulem Estrada and Miriam Hernández, two socialist workers running for the Mexican congress, won almost 2863 votes in District 32 of Mexico City. Their result of 1.7% is modest, but it is important (...)

Wladek Flakin


Why Did López Obrador Win the Mexican Presidency?

The center-left candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) won by a landslide in Sunday's elections. Why did he win by such a huge margin?

Jimena Vergara


Argentine Socialists Fight for Abortion Rights in Congress and in the Streets

Left Voice interviews three socialists fighting for abortion rights in Argentina: a member of the National Congress, a member of Buenos Aires' city council and the founder of Argentina's largest (...)

Andrea D’Atri
Myriam Bregman
Nathalia Seligra

The 1968 Student Revolt in Yugoslavia: “We Demanded a Radically Different Socialism!” (Part 2)

Philippe Alcoy

We publish here the second part of our interview with Dragomir Olujić (Oluja) on the “student revolt” of 1968 in Yugoslavia, in which Oluja took part as a student in (...)


Ocasio-Cortez’s Win: Opportunities and Challenges for the Left

Juan Cruz Ferre


Marxism and Military Strategy

Matias Maiello
Emilio Albamonte

How does Lenin's application of Carl von Clausewitz's military strategy run counter to postmodern thinkers like Michel Foucault, as well as neo-reformist political organizations like (...)


A Revolution in Search of Heirs

Claudia Cinatti

Water crisis

Day Zero is Already Here for Cape Town’s Poor

Robert Belano

Cape Town, South Africa is experiencing a drought so severe that the local government has announced the city’s water taps will be shut off indefinitely in 2019. However, for the city’s Black and (...)


Fossil Fuel Industry Booms, Schools Go Bust in OK

Oklahoma has seen an explosion in natural gas extraction over the past decade. Yet state legislators cut education funding by 28 percent in the same period. What (...)

Robert Belano


The Politics of Rupture

In political theory and philosophy, especially leftist theory and philosophy, one not infrequently encounters the notion of ‘rupture.’ But what does a ‘rupture’ refer to, and why does it (...)

Ben Rosenfield


The Women’s Movement We Fight For

Left Voice dossier for International Women's Day.


Left Voice Magazine # 3: Memories of the Future

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Women's Movement

Our Feminism Must be Anti-Capitalist

As preparations for the International Women’s Strike are underway in countries around the world, what strategy and what principles must feminism stand (...)

Celeste Murillo
Andrea D’Atri




[VIDEO] Hilton Stamford Boycott



[VIDEO] Historic step towards legalising abortion in Argentina



Elections: “To fight in our own name, we need to organize independently of Republicans and Democrats”

Labor Struggles


Teamsters Local 251 Strike at DHLNH Pawtucket, RI


From Social Democracy to World War

Jimena Vergara

In his NYT op-ed, Jacobin's Bhaskar Sunkara makes a key omission— ignoring the important experience of workers' democracy created by the soviets and the Left Opposition's struggle against (...)


Marxism: A Method, Theory and Practice

A central question for those awakening to political life today is this: What is Marxism, and what does it mean for our political analysis and practice? To begin to answer this question, we must (...)

Tatiana Cozzarelli


The Party We Need: A Revolutionary Socialist Party

Thousands of people have become politically active in the past year, galvanized by the Bernie Sanders campaign and now joining organizations on the left, such as the Democratic Socialists of (...)

Juan Cruz Ferre


The Russian Revolution and the Real Movement of History

Revolution is necessary as long as there is class conflict.

Sonja Krieger

Primer oro de México en Centroamericanos, lo conquistó Daniela Rodríguez

Fue en el taekwondo de Poomsae (formas), especialidad que incursiona por primera vez en los Juegos Centroamericanos y del Caribe de Barranquilla (...)

Continúa detenido Jorge Benítez, vocero de Mexicali Resiste

Benítez, intentó ingresar a la casa municipal de Mexicali para manifestar sus inconformidades ante el alcalde de Mexicali, Gustavo Sánchez pero no (...)

Trump complicadísimo: abogado lo grabó intentando comprar el silencio de exmodelo de Playboy

Según información revelada este viernes por el New York Times el abogado de Trump, Michael Cohen habría grabado la conversación que compromete aún (...)

Visita a México de ministros canadienses enfocada en negociación TLCAN

El gobierno de Justin Trudeau envía una delegación para el próximo miércoles 25 de julio. Se entrevistarán con Enrique Peña Nieto y con el virtual (...)