(In)Justice System Murders Philandro Castile, Rules Itself Not Guilty

Once again, police get away with murder. This time of Philandro Castile, shot in front of his girlfriend and daughter. This shows the true nature of the police and of the (in)justice (...)

Julia Wallace


Left Voice Magazine #2: Women on the Front Lines

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The DSA in the Democratic Party Labyrinth

Tre Kwon
Ximena Goldman


On the Legacy of a Revolutionary

Chipi Castillo


The Significance of Corbyn’s Rise in the British Elections

The result of the recent elections in the United Kingdom have led an unexpected political scenario with the Brexit negotiations soon at hand. What do May’s setback and Corbyn’s rise mean for the (...)

Claudia Cinatti


Venezuela: The Pope, Trump, and the Bourgeois Press United Against Maduro

The bourgeois press is reporting on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela from the point of view of the neoliberal opposition. Behind the smoke screen of "democracy", they are fighting for a new cycle (...)

Robert Samstag

The Origins of Antifa

A short historical analysis of Antifascist Action.

Wladek Flakin


A New Dangerous Stage of the Colonial Plunder of Puerto Rico

Héctor Reyes

Puerto Rico is facing its most severe crisis since it was militarily captured and turned into a colony by the U.S. in 1898. The Island has been in economic recession for more than a decade, (...)


Spanish Dockworkers Strike in Defense of Jobs

Sean Robertson


Palestine, Marxists and the "One-State Solution"

Wladek Flakin

Trump suggested that he may abandon plans for a "two-state solution." For decades, US foreign police has aimed to create a Palestinian state. But even before Trump's remarks, this solution was (...)


In Honor of Our Fallen Comrades

On June 3, 2017, a tragic accident took the lives of Ezequiel and Laura, members of the PTS Argentina. A third comrade, Federico, is fighting for his (...)

Juan Cruz Ferre


The Party We Need: A Revolutionary Socialist Party

Thousands of people have become politically active in the past year, galvanized by the Bernie Sanders campaign and now joining organizations on the left, such as the Democratic Socialists of (...)

Juan Cruz Ferre

Left Voice Panel at the Left Forum

The panel "Bigotry is the Enemy of the Working Class" addressed the questions of racism, sexism, transphobia and homophobia and ablism.


Zanon: Under Worker Control Since 2001

Interview with Raúl Godoy, Zanon worker and national leader of the PTS. Godoy was the first General Secretary of the Sindicato de Obreros y Empleados Ceramistas de Neuquén (SOECN - Ceramic Workers’ (...)

Raúl Godoy



Solidarity with Ni Una Menos at Left Forum

On Saturday in Buenos Aires, thousands of people marched in the Ni Una Menos protests. In New York City, participants in the Left Forum took photos in (...)




Watch “Marx is Back”, Episode 3: State and Revolution



Watch "Marx is Back", Episode 2: The Market and the Capitalist Crisis



Watch "Marx is Back", Episode 1: Bourgeois and Proletarians



B&H Workers Go On Strike


A Marxist Critique of John Dewey: The Limits of Progressive Education

Tatiana Cozzarelli

John Dewey’s Progressive Education is the centerpiece of the field of educational studies, forming the basis for writers like Paulo Freire. However, Dewey does not see that modern teacher centered (...)


5 Takeaways from the Huge Socialist Rally in Argentina

A soccer stadium in Buenos Aires, brimming with people: nothing to call home about. An arena packed with over 20,000 Trotskyists—combative rank-and-file unionists, LGBT activists, women organizing (...)

Tre Kwon

Arts & Culture

Manifesto for an Independent Revolutionary Art

n 1938, André Breton and Leon Trotsky worked together on this manifesto. The final version was signed by André Breton and Diego Rivera.

André Breton
Diego Rivera
Leon Trotsky


Fight Trump, Keep Dems at Bay: The Case Against a Popular Front

If we want long term gains for the working class, we need to avoid the trap of the Democratic Party.

Juan Cruz Ferre
Ariane Fischer

Matices entre republicanos y demócratas ante renegociación del TLCAN

Robert Lighthizer, representante comercial de Trump, informó al Congreso que el 16 de agosto será el comienzo de las negociaciones. En una (...)

¿A qué intereses responden las medidas de "seguridad" de Graue?

El feminicidio de Lesvy generó una gran movilización e indignación de la comunidad universitaria. Frente a este terrible suceso, la rectoría de la (...)

¡Basta de represión a los normalistas y maestros combativos!

Nuevamente, el gobierno de Michoacán (PRD) -como antes el de Aguascalientes (PAN)-, coludido con el gobierno federal, reprimió brutalmente a los (...)

Mexicali: Clover Wireless explota y humilla a sus trabajadores

Los trabajadores de Clover Wireless denuncian las pésimas condiciones laborales con las que tienen que lidiar día con día y que se vienen (...)