Repression and Resistance in Brasilia: Yesterday’s Massive Protest in 20 Images

Yesterday 150,000 people took to the streets of Brasilia to protest the corrupt President and austerity measures. At least 49 people were injured in the huge police and military (...)


Left Voice Magazine #2: Women on the Front Lines


Hired to Kill: The Logic of Police Murder and Impunity

Juan Cruz Ferre

A Race Towards the Abyss: Labor and Capital Competition in a Globalized Market

Esteban Mercatante


Watch "Marx is Back", Episode 2: The Market and the Capitalist Crisis


A New Dangerous Stage of the Colonial Plunder of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is facing its most severe crisis since it was militarily captured and turned into a colony by the U.S. in 1898. The Island has been in economic recession for more than a decade, (...)

Héctor Reyes

Left Voice Magazine #2: Women on the Front Lines

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The Origins of Antifa

A short historical analysis of Antifascist Action.

Wladek Flakin


A Resistance Movement for the Planet

John Bellamy Foster

Climate change is out of control. It is already too late to avoid soaring temperatures, scarce water, and extreme weather. But the financial structure of capitalism is tied to fossil fuels. (...)


Why did Brazilian Workers Go on Strike?

Victor Mariutti


Palestine, Marxists and the "One-State Solution"

Wladek Flakin

Trump suggested that he may abandon plans for a "two-state solution." For decades, US foreign police has aimed to create a Palestinian state. But even before Trump's remarks, this solution was (...)


General Strike: How the Working Class Takes Control

Talking about the general strike is the right conversation to be having.

Jack Rusk


The Trotskyists’ Struggle Against Nazism in World War II

Today is the 72nd anniversary of V Day – the victory of the Allies in World War II.

Gabriela Liszt


Summers in Soviet Russia

This is the last of three articles by Anna Malyukova about her memories of the Soviet Union, where she grew up and lived. Anna’s account is not a detached political analysis of the situation in (...)

Anna Malyukova


Zanon: Under Worker Control Since 2001

Interview with Raúl Godoy, Zanon worker and national leader of the PTS. Godoy was the first General Secretary of the Sindicato de Obreros y Empleados Ceramistas de Neuquén (SOECN - Ceramic Workers’ (...)

Raúl Godoy



Trump’s War on Women: The First 100 Days

The first 100 days of the Trump administration were marked by attacks to women's rights, attempts to co-opt feminism by Ivanka Trump and a new feminist (...)

Tatiana Cozzarelli




B&H Workers Go On Strike



Interview with Charlie Post



We Need a Feminism of the 99%



VIDEO: NYC Construction Workers Fight for Better Working Conditions


A Marxist Critique of John Dewey: The Limits of Progressive Education

Tatiana Cozzarelli

John Dewey’s Progressive Education is the centerpiece of the field of educational studies, forming the basis for writers like Paulo Freire. However, Dewey does not see that modern teacher centered (...)


5 Takeaways from the Huge Socialist Rally in Argentina

A soccer stadium in Buenos Aires, brimming with people: nothing to call home about. An arena packed with over 20,000 Trotskyists—combative rank-and-file unionists, LGBT activists, women organizing (...)

Tre Kwon

Arts & Culture

Manifesto for an Independent Revolutionary Art

n 1938, André Breton and Leon Trotsky worked together on this manifesto. The final version was signed by André Breton and Diego Rivera.

André Breton
Diego Rivera
Leon Trotsky


Fight Trump, Keep Dems at Bay: The Case Against a Popular Front

If we want long term gains for the working class, we need to avoid the trap of the Democratic Party.

Juan Cruz Ferre
Ariane Fischer

Pacto millonario de Tv Azteca-Televisa para transmitir final entre Tigres y Chivas

Esto no sucedía desde la temporada 1984-1985 cuando la serie definitiva entre Pumas y América se decidió en un tercer partido que se efectuó en La (...)

Walmart: ganancias millonarias, migajas para los trabajadores ¡Todos al paro este 27M!

Esta semana, decenas de tiendas de autoservicio pertenecientes a la cadena comercial Walmart estallaron el paro en exigencia a un pago justo de (...)

Trabajadoras de Telmex denuncian acoso sindical en redes sociales

Trabajadoras telefonistas de Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, denuncian via redes la persecución ejercida contra ellas por los propios dirigentes sindicales de (...)

Rosario Castellanos, a 92 años de su natalicio

Acreedora de múltiples premios literarios, entre ellos el "Xavier Urrutia", Castellanos marca un precedente en la literatura de Latinoamérica y (...)